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Free and collaborative solution to help manufacture and to access to barrier masks and other protections against Covid19.

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Only engage in support efforts if you're healthy and practicing social distancing. Help to equip as many people as possible with masks and other protections by working together. The more shared and powered the solution, the more efficient it is.

Crafting, use and maintenance tutorials for barrier masks following the updated AFNOR recommendations.

contact : [email protected]

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To craft, we need materials. So any help is good to take. No small action, all generosity will help.

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Crafting but running out of materials ?
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Access to DIY tutorials to make barrier masks with fabrics, shapes & patterns recommended by the AFNOR (Standardization French Association)

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Geolocation of donations and requests on interactive map (google maps).

Real-time visibility on material donations and protections requests.

Only do what you can. You decide which requests you want to take care of, without any obligations and without possible solicitation from requesters.

Online Training on demand

Quick and easy training that can be provided to help you get started : [email protected]